When you think of a top or a skirt or a shirt with stripe, the reaction you inevitably have will be that it will make you look fat! And this is true to some extent, if you don’t know how to wear the stripes right. But if you ask a fashionista or a stylist or a fashion and costume designer, each of them will sing praises of stripes, because they have unravelled the mystery to wearing stripes the right way.

If you, too, take to some research, you can easily spot celebrities who have flaunted the striped look with elan and panache. And they will tell you that stripes can be your greatest ally, or your worst adversary, in case you experiment with the stripe, without knowing a thing or two about it. Hence, the right rules to wear stripes this season follows:

Rules To Follow For Striped Attires

  • Always go for the vertical stripe

Even if you do not consider yourself much of a fashionista, you should hold this first and most important mantra of wearing stripes, close to your heart. The two most outright positive effects of wearing the vertical stripe is that firstly, it makes you look taller and secondly, it also makes you look thinner. Hence, with this useful rule, you can empty your closet of all the horizontal stripes you own and go for the vertical.

  • Thin stripes score over thick ones

If you are blessed with height and are lean too, you can safely opt for horizontal stripes. But even in that case, you should understand and implement that thin stripes, both vertical and horizontal, score over the thick ones.

  • Head to toe stripes don’t work

Even if you are in love with stripes, stripes running from the head to the toe are a fashion suicide and a strict no-no. What you can, however, do is, pair a striped bottom with a solid top and vice-versa.

The common myths about stripes and how to use them in your everyday wardrobe need to be busted, and when you start with these simple rules, you do your bit.


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