Ruffles – the very name might make you want to switch pages. While the word does emanate an 80’s passé whiff, last spring the who’s who of the fashion world did take up this embellishment in a big chic contemporary way. Read on to find out why the trend does the trick for a number of styles and is an enamoring current arm candy of the winds of fashion.

Ruffles can be feminine and yet the in thing to don. However, the challenge is in finding the apt kind of ruffles that add to your style quotient rather than being the other way round. The general idea is to keep ruffles far from body areas that are already ample. When ruffles are paired pieces which are structured yet simple, it helps prevent the whole figure being overwhelmed by the style.


1) Accessories

Ruffle Scarf

  • Scarves tend to splash the as such plain ensemble or dress with pattern and color – Scarves provide the otherwise plain ensemble or dress with a dash/splash of pattern and color. Elastic is used to create an  image of draping ruffles encompassing the scarf’s length. Scarves provide a good option of upgrading your look without making the closet undergo a complete overhaul.

Ruffle Shoulder bag

  • Brooches, jewelry and handbags enable adding a pretty touch to the ensemble. A vinyl or leather handbag with ruffles enhances the chic and provides an eclectic gloss to it all.

2) Shoes

Ruffle Shoes

  • The perfect way to provide flair in a subdued manner to almost any outfit.
  • Hit it off with a (ruffle) flower for day or night on pumps as well as flats.
  • Add a touch of versatility to your boots with a toe to calf compact ruffle.

3) Blouses

Ruffled Blouses

  • A subtle style statement can be made with cuff or hem ruffles.
  • A top with fabric that is flowy, held up at the neck can be paired with (pencil) skirts and moderate trousers.
  • Ruffles that are free flowing look best when paired with structured partners.

4) Dresses or Skirts

Dresses or Skirts

  • The conservative can go with a dark color dress with the neckline or hem having ruffles instead of a cascade of ruffles.
  • A ruffled asymmetrical hem can provide that oh so chic factor to a high low or mini skirt.
  • A ruffled peplum will grab eye balls any time.
  • Ruffles sans the volume or pairings with crisp basics are preferable.

5) Jackets


  • The lapel or edge of a stocky blazer or jacket when accented by gathered ruffles help moderate the tone.
  • Ankle boots paired with jeans and a ruffled jacket – voila – evening attire.

From simplified ruffle handbags to elegantly accentuated party or work ruffled skirts, ruffles will not only add a dash of old school felinity but notch up that style quotient at the same time as well.




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