Men’s jewellery is primarily representation, skill and creativity. 10 years ago Stephen Webster launched and failed with a men’s jewellery collection. Although the media had appreciated it, the retail community lacked confidence in it. Back then, there was not even a separate space for showcasing a men’s collection. It comprised mostly cufflinks, pens and signet ring blanks.

However, the times have changed, men’s jewellery is big and not only is there an amazing offering but for almost all there is something. “Mewellery”, “mangles”, as such men’s wrist jewellery is trending. The mangle is being touted as wrist wear as opposed to falling in the bracelet region. Tateossian, Morais and Miansai have championed fine-looking metal and leather charms although the opposite gender seems lost beyond the basic ring and watch on this topic.

Fashion Jewelry For Men
Braided, chain masculine bracelets to chunky gold chains with heavy pendants – it is all trending.

Men are becoming more comfortable with bracelets with both high street and high end brands pushing this trend alike through their ad campaigns. Metal bracelets, chiefly due to their military roots provide one of the most masculine wrist-wear options. A slim line metal cuff is a versatile item which can be carried off without looking feminine.

The aesthetic achieved from the nautical trend has seated itself at the very core of menswear.

Here, the Miansai Leather and Metal Anchor Wrap which juxtaposes stunning silver anchor pendant with soft tan leather multiple wrap and the pendant doubles up as the fastener.

The recent years have thus proved that jewellery has become an essential element of the masculine look and is no more a female vanity prerogative. Gold inserts adorning bracelets of  natural rubber, inimitable hand crafted jewellery, handmade gold and silver cuff-links, tribal design, steel, leather, mixed materials and a vast assortment of necklaces and charms, men want it all.



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