Even Mother Nature heaves a sigh of relief, when the biting and unwelcoming winter months are over and she is in her full splendour. And it is the same with us as well! While winter means covering yourself up in coats and jackets and mittens and all, summer brings with it a breath of fresh air and there can be nothing more idyllic or inviting than the cool summer breeze, the warm rays of the sun, the chirping of the birds and the trees in full bloom.

Add to that your own sense of chic summer fashion and we have a delectable combination. If you are one of those kinds, who have a different set of aesthetics when it comes to chic fashion, then summer is your playground.

Look Chic This Summer (baggy bottom with fitted top)

It is true that you are your best combination and when it comes to dressing chic in summer, this fact is exemplified many times over. Summer is the time when you can bear and bare it all, so why not take advantage of the season with some spunky tricks up your sleeve. Your style should scream you and what you are or who you are should definitely be reflected in that style.

Summer being summer, you can opt for colours that look good on you and also go with your personality. Though there can be a splash of colours in your wardrobe in summer, but the essence of hitting the right fashion chord depends on your taste in movies, music, art, literature and the whole shebang.

Moving on from aesthetics to colours, it is also important that you lay stress on balance and proportion, of course, with respect to your clothes. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a baggy bottom with a loose top, because this would not be short of a fashion suicide! A baggy bottom always looks good with a fitted top and vice versa. Also, when it comes to skin show, c’mon, its summer, and you are allowed, but only when you flash the most toned and drool-worthy part of your body.

Now that you have the mental sketch of the summer chic fashion that you are trying to flaunt, ready, it’s time to go shopping and girls love that!! when shopping, you should always, A – buy clothes of your size, and B – buy some quintessential stuff that are must-haves when it comes to summer chic fashion, like tees in basic colours, tank tops, summer dresses, skirts, and flat shoes, among others.

And last, but definitely not the least – accessories. They spell summer like no other. But when it comes to accessories, it can be a little tricky at times, choose the ones which look good with the clothes you are trying to match them with and don’t overdo them. The thumb rule of fashion still remains that less is more!


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