Summer is knocking and one need not be a sailor to don a new hip style for the summer. You got it – Nautical is in. This is one look which like a phoenix keeps rejuvenating each summer and the trend has had its takers since the twenties. Since lots of people are travelling to exotic locales, this style statement has an ever multiplying base of fans.

The sailor cum navy look is symbolic of European sophistry, works well with denims adding a touch of elegance to the most casual attires. For near about half a decade – braces, beards and unnecessarily thick jumpers have made their way to the daily wardrobe column of the uber cool bicycle rider youth in Britain. Acne, a Swedish fashion manufacturer has been a harbinger with its moderate takes on trend nautical providing it certain accessibility. Nautical wear is a timeless trend which is not only classic but also adds that touch of flair to your attitude.

Latest Nautical Theme With A Twist

Nautical colors usually in the spot light are navy, red-orange and white. Combinations of these usually help create an unmistakable look. The nautical flavor is usually about structure and stripes. Patterns help create an even crisp sailor image. Striped shirts should be combined with solid bottoms. For those of you who are afraid of stripes, slimming can be achieved by wearing a thin variety. If wider stripes are your flavor, then belts can help provide definition to your shape or a (boyfriend) blazer can be introduced in the mix to skew up and bring into focus your sense of fashion.

Contemporary house owners are making attempts at imbuing their homes with an old school nautical touch. However, in order to keep a balance between old and new – chic and classic it is suggested that you should avoid sea shell johns, weather beaten paint and sailboats (model).However, you can always go with chrome, nickel and stainless steel finish wall (marine) lighting. Driftwood, rope accents and nautical color schemes go a long way in satiating the nautical feel thirst.


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