The Classic white t-shirt is a must have for all, is no big secret. However, many seem to have relegated its use to work out sessions or languid holiday wears. If this is the truth for you, then a resuscitation of your wardrobe is in order. The point is the white tee in spite of having the maximum potential for versatility of outfit, often gets sidestepped. The classic staple for almost any closet – the white button down provides, for a variety of beyond doubt chic looks, the ideal canvas.

Interesting Ways To Wear White Shirt

The possibilities are endless from pairing a pencil skirt with a white tee for appropriate office wear to a tie up with a maxi skirt or even with flair of menswear; this old school option represents possibilities galore.

A few ways in which one may choose to wear, pair or dare with a white tee or a button down are:

– A classic combination: Blue Denims with a white tee shirt.

– An eternally stylish option: Aviators with a white tee shirt.

– A very presentable option: Pencil skirt when paired with a fitted white tee.

– The trendy chic perception: Bold accessories with a white tee.

A few experiments which one can try out maybe would be:
1.) A white shirt with beautiful pair of printed high waist shorts.

2.) Printed pants polka dotted or an ethic motif with a white shirt.

3.) Skirts with white shirts will afford the classic monochromatic summer look.

4.) A white shirt can also be paired with a belted skater skirt when a pencil skirt seems a tad too formal and maxi skirt just does not cut it.

5.) White shirt with white custom-made palazzo pants will help render the look achieve the resort feel.

6.) A bow tie on a white shirt, a pair of chic ear rings with some beautiful make up.

7.) For those into androgyny, the bow tie white shirt look can be further accentuated with a statement blazer.

Summer has a certain trait which makes the white tee rather necessary since it add a casual element sequin, silky or beaded skirts and express summer easiness when paired with a pair of overalls blue denim cut off shorts.

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