Pencil skirts have become a very valued addition to the wardrobes of many women, since they may be worn in different styles, being a perfect match for different body shapes. This spring you have the chance to use them in many combinations because the design come with a longer, classier hemline.

Tips for the New Pencil Skirt Length

Choose the right occasion

No matter if there is an office day, a casual day or a sophisticated event, the same skirt combined with different shirts and shoes may be used without any concerns. It’s all about layering and the height of the heels.

Match it to your body type

By adding the right accessories, one may obtain almost any kind of outfit for various occasions. The neutral skirt can be combined with shirts, elegant tops, floral tops, with or without belts. Such combinations work wonders if you are petite or a bit curvy.

For a more casual, feminine and fairytale inspired look you can always choose a floral printed pencil skirt and neutral top. This type of combination is better suited for taller figures.

Tips for the Pencil Skirt Length

Using the right skirt

The hemline length so popular this spring is the one reaching a few inches below the knee. A looser design can prove extremely versatile for street wear and you can play with colors to obtain a relaxed and youthful appearance. In case of office wear a more body hugging design is better. Use neutral tones and comfy heels to complete the look.

How to wear it

This skirt fits many shapes, but obtaining the right finish requires a bit of attention. Women with curvy bodies should pay extra-attention, as it may emphasize in a bad way the curves. Adding a little more volume to the upper part of your body will definitely fix this issue.

The semi-formal touch

The semi-formal touch

A black pencil skirt can save the day in case you have to attend a semi-formal spring event. Keep in mind to choose some interesting tops to add to the sexy look. A white dressier blouse, a cute sheer and lace top or a floral halter neck can dress up the neutral pencil skirt.

Interesting combinations

Sequin and leather skirts may be part of casual looks when combined properly. For instance, add a fluid trench to this outfit and you are ready for office.

Wear it tucked in

If the main aim is elegance, tuck in the top, as it elongates short legs and creates a trimmed looking waist. This style matches any type on figure.

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