The street friendly fashion designers are warming up to reveal the fashion wonders they prepared for the new spring-summer season 2014. Guess by Marciano made a delightful appearance in the new season with a hot campaign that had the purpose to tempt the fashion conscious women into exploring their feminine side.

Spring 2014 Stunning Looks from Guess by Marciano

Femininity at its best was presented by the stunning models Clara Alonso and Heather Depriest. With their help Guess by Marciano spring 2014 campaign managed to reveal a modern woman who makes the best out of her natural sensuality.

Light Fabrics and Maxi Dresses

For the hot season the designers from Guess by Marciano imagined an urban-chic woman dressed to fit both a day at the beach and a midnight pool party. Light fabrics and maxi length make the new dresses fun and comfortable. They allow any kind of movement and reveal just as much skin as it’s needed to make every man turn his head after you. Jumpsuits and shorts are also featured in the new spring campaign promoting the same freedom of moves.

Spring 2014 Stunning Looks from Guess by Marciano 1

Spring 2014 Stunning Looks from Guess by Marciano 2

Natural Shades

As colors go, we can see natural earth shades of dark gray and brown mixed with aquatic tones of turquoise and light blue. The animal-prints are there to help you blend in the urban jungle and we can see zebra stripes and leopard spots which are smartly combined with strong summery shades of pink, red and light green. Floral prints also spice up the glamorous yet natural ensembles.

Spring 2014 Stunning Looks from Guess by Marciano 3

Make a Statement with your Accessories

The woman imagined by Marciano knows how to mix warm tones with bright colors but she also knows how to accessorize the outfit with long, golden necklaces. Arabic-inspired earrings enhance the facial features, without turning the attention from the dress in an aggressive style. Since golden accessories are the favorites for the new season Guess also offers a belt made of golden chain. The outfits are finished with big envelope purses made from soft fabrics to give an overall relaxed look.

Spring 2014 Stunning Looks from Guess by Marciano 4

Spring 2014 Stunning Looks from Guess by Marciano 5

Versatility all the way

Guess by Marciano spring 2014 campaign focuses on versatile pieces that can be worn all day long. Paired with interesting accessories they can be repurposed for any event you have in mind whether you attend a garden party or are out with the girlfriends for a shopping spree.

All clothes brought by the famous label are classy and sexy, designed with a bold woman in mind. This is the kind of woman who knows what she wants and how to get it using her sharp intelligence, her business sense and the best of what her fashion style has to offer.

Luxurious, modern, feminine, bold, colorful and natural, you can find it all in one collection: Guess by Marciano Spring 2014.


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