Meeting his parents is never easy. However, if you meet them on a formal occasion things become even more complicated because you will have to think about what to wear. The good news is that there are some general pointers for you to follow.

Formal Fashion Tips for Meeting His Parents

The Clothes

The clothes that you are supposed to wear greatly depend on the formality of the event. For instance, if there will be a sit-down, formal dinner, you should opt for a dressier outfit than in case of a buffet-style dinner. Pros say that in this case you should wear a dress that you would also wear to a religious service.

Specific Pieces

You can think about wearing a dress with tights. This way you will be warm and you will achieve a formal attire. If there is a casual dinner, you might rock a pair of jeans or a tunic with leggings. Avoid wearing a dress or a skirt that is too short or that is too tight.


Although you might think that they aren’t too important they can ruin you look or bring it together. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable and that they match your outfit. If you are wearing a skirt or a dress, you may go for a pair of low heels. Ballet flats or tall boots work in case you are wearing leggings or jeans.

Choose Right

When choosing the shoes you have to ensure that you will be comfortable during the entire evening and that you won’t have to take your shoes off. If there is a shoes-off policy, make sure that you wear socks or tights that work with the rest of your outfit.


You can use your accessories to express your creativity and your personality. Choose hair accessories, handbag and jewelry that work for your outfit. Avoid the items that are too bright or too big. There is no need for the accessories to overwhelm the rest of your outfit.

What to Choose?

It might be best to opt for a simple clutch bag and ladylike earrings. If you have a simple outfit, you could have a bit of lace or sparkle. A pair of bracelets and a simpler necklace are also appropriate for the occasion. You can wear a headband or barrettes, but stay away from sparkly items and large bows.

Tips for Makeup

You should try to make a good impression on your partner’s parents, even if you already know them. It is best to avoid non-traditional and heavy makeup. In the same time it is best not to opt for neon nail polish or other bright colors.

To Dos and Don’ts

This might not be the best time for you to try your new turquoise eye shadow, purple lipstick, and yellow nail polish. Consider using more natural colors and you should apply them with a light hand.

No matter what you wear, you have to make sure that it will express your personality without going overboard; you want his parents to meet the real you.

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