The trending fashion designers are already starting to present their fall collections, and among these collections the one from Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 is truly worth considering. Feminine items, lace, solid colors and modern cuts are the designer’s proposals for the upcoming season. You can either chose a jumpsuit or a night gown but if you dress in Elie Saab you will look elegant, glamorous and effortlessly chic.

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 1

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 2

A Retro Touch

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 collection has a timeless scent. All the cuts are elegant, inspired by retro apparel, offering a  sense of royalty and  imposing posture for the woman wearing them. The retro appearance is wrapped in a very modern look envisioning a woman with a taste for eclectic elegance and spectacular colors. The collection offers ready to wear items, office ready apparel but also red-carpet worthy clothes that can take your breath away.

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 3

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 4

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 5

Solid Colors – Solid Elegance

The collection is filled with monochrome outfits, in a strong color palette. In the new Elie Saab collection we see age-less neutrals like black and white, but also more vibrant, modern shades. Dusty pink, deep turquoise, stunning emerald, royal blue and incredibly charismatic mixes between all of these give a stunning effect and show how you can combine solid color blocks to achieve an elegant look with a dash of glamor. The beauty of this Elie Saab collections is that it uses bold color the natural way.

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 6

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 7

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 8

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 9


“Less is more” seem to be the ruling trend with this new collection. Matching colored shoes, small elegant clutches and envelope style bags bring a delicate finish to an elegant attire. A few golden touches on the purse are all that is needed for these stand-alone outfits.

Golden or silver wide bracelets are part of the simple jewelry from the Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 as the lace and the straight cuts but also the statement colors don’t need to be bedazzled with anything else.

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 10

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 11

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 12

Day and Night

The day wear focuses on simplicity, while the night gowns bring delicate lace and sparkling beading. Interesting fabric combination for the night wear bring together solid tops and see-through bottoms, high slits on fluid skirts, embroidered lace details and inserts but also body hugging structures for the sexy diva in you.

For the day, cape style coats with faux fur trimming and short-long hemlines can be combined with asymmetric cuts for skirts and amazingly elegant wide leg pants.

Elegance and surprising geometrical cuts are the key notes for Ellie Saab Fall 2013.


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