If there is one true fashion icon of the 21st century, it is Sarah Jessica Parker. She is known for her great taste and it was only a matter of time for her to come up with her own shoe collection. She claims that she was thinking about it for a long time, but she needed everything to align from price to quality.

New Shoe Collection from Sarah Jessica Parker

What to Expect?

In case you are interested in the line, you should expect it to be somewhat classic. However, the classic lines come with a modern twist. The items will be sold only by Nordstrom and you can expect to find in the pieces the quirky style of Carry Bradshaw.

Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes Collection

Her Muse

SJP claims that she is lucky to have had the chance to play the character of Carry Bradshaw. During her acting experience she has been exposed to a wide array of beautiful shoes and she got the opportunity to find out how they come to life. This role only strengthened her love for shoes.

Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes Collection 1


One of the main focuses of the collection is versatility. There are a lot of different styles for you to find in the line, including lace-up boots, strappy four-inchers, and canvas flats. The designer did her best to make the shoes versatile because according to her she is allergic to the idea that a certain shoe is suitable only for given occasions.

Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes Collection 2


Another thing that SJP hates about fashion industry is that the majority of people believe that only brown and black can be neutrals. She learned a lot from her costume designer and one of the things she learned was that she had to toss all rules; and so she did.

Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes Collection 3

Pola and The Sylvia

This is the debut collection of the shoe designer and she really focused on single–sole heels, just like the Sylvia or the Pola. The Pola got its name after the famous Polish actress, PolaNegri. She has been crazy and beautiful and so are the shoes.

Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes Collection 4


You, as a woman with a real life, are certainly thinking about the wearibility of these shoes. The best thing about them is that all women can wear them (unlike many other shoes that were meant to be worn only on the red carpet). This is why you should really give this collection a shot, even though some of the pieces might be somewhat expensive.


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