We usually expect the best from Mulberry and for Spring 2014 we…almost got it. The feminine, sweet, English style items are surely carrying everything one would expect to be posh, chic and cute in the new warm season.

Mulberry Spring 2014

Hill’s Swan Song

This was the last fashion collection from Emma Hill, the creative director of the brand. After 6 years during which her tone of voice made Mulberry into what it is now, Hill chose to part with brand but not before she offered a new, inspired and lovely spring collection.

Mulberry  Spring 2014 1

The style has followed the expected course, however, the emphasizing notes of the designer were slightly muted.  The air of the collection was more conservatory and it seems the world expected something extra from Hill’s last ready to wear collection.

Patterns and Figures

The 60’s air was present both in figures and in patterns. A-line mini dresses with lovely prints and stenciled patterns are surely perfect for a girly-girl look and the beautiful tailored coats and jackets are ideal for a feminine approach towards spring elegance.

Huge floral graphics were printed on fluid fabrics and made pajama inspired outfits look effortlessly perfect for a spring party.

Mulberry  Spring 2014 2


Silver grey jacquard, leather, suede and silk were the signature fabrics of the collection. Quilted floral carried a few sequin embellishments but the rest of the fabrics were simply chosen to emphasize the feminine look of the designs.

The Good Girl Look

One cannot blame Mulberry for sticking to the good girl look. Even the famous leather skirt was combined with a silk blouse and the navy silk jumpsuit worn by Alana Zimmer caught the eye with lovely floral prints.

Suede is paneled with leatherand floral motives are present everywhere from cute blouses to spectacular pants.

Mulberry  Spring 2014 3

Signature Items

Many said that the collection did not shine like it used to and that it missed the must have pieces the IT girls sitting in the front rows at fashion shows would kill for. Still, we can say that Mulberry remained faithful to its ready to wear signature pieces.

Cute pea coats and superb spring knits but also flowing silk dresses and skirts brought in front of the world a side of feminine elegance all girls dream to achieve.

The New Bag

The runway was the debut scene for Mulberry’s new bag – the Kensal. The briefcase look makes it ideal for so many outfit combinations so we can be sure we will see it on the streets of the world this upcoming spring.


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