The men who claim that they aren’t into fashion have something to hide. All people have some interest in fashion and while some do their best to hide it, other don’t mind showing the world that they’ve got great taste. In case you are into men’s fashion, here are some pointers for you.

Cool Prints

Although it may be popular to rock strips and checks, the truth is that there is a new trend that is worth to be taken into consideration. Think about the more unusual prints, such as pineapples. In case you can’t really imagine this, take a look at the pants designed by Michael Bastian.

Cool prints and Half-open shirt

Half-Open Shirt

Shirts are the items that you can wear regardless of the season. While they can help you achieve a formal or office look, you can also show off your laid back style by having a half-open shirt. This is a great option for the men who would like to draw the attention upon themselves.

Boxer Jackets

Boxer Jackets

Jackets will be just jackets, right? Well, not exactly. The boxer jackets have a somewhat less formal design, but they are still suitable for business meetings and other formal events. In case you would like to bring some color into your wardrobe, consider an orange suite, just like the one offered by Chloe.

Leather Boxer

Leather Boxer

If you happen to be into the sporty looks, but you would like to give it a twist, think about getting a pair of leather boxers. These work best for the non-formal occasions, outings, garden parties, and so on. The boxers show the people around you that you have a laid-back style but you still know what you want for your image.

Shorter Pants

The truth is that this trend isn’t suitable for everybody. This is something you might have seen in movies from the 70s and 80s. While it may work very well for skinny men, those who have a few extra pounds should be looking for something else. In this case it is a must for the socks not to be visible from the shoes.

Sporty outerwear and shorter pants

Sporty Outerwear

Marc Jacobs is considered by many a fashion icon and in case you are interested in the latest collections, you should expect to see many pieces of sporty outerwear. Just think about the silver colored jacket which works marvelously with the shorter pants.

Even if you don’t follow one specific trend, you should give these a thought.


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