In case you are looking for fashionable items for the winter holidays, it is a must for you to take a look at the collections of Topshop. It is filled with eclectic fashion items which are just perfect for the holidays. There is little time for you to find the perfect outfit for the holidays and if you are in need of inspiration, this is a very good place to start.

The Posh Grunge Touch in Top Shop Holiday Collection

What to Expect?

The good news about this collection is that it comes with a wide array of different styles. You will find ultra-modern pieces along with classic ones, but with a modern twist. This collection will motivate the fashionistas to give up the tested and tried pieces in favor of something that could bring out a part of their personality they never knew existed.

The Posh Grunge Touch in Top Shop Holiday Collection 2

Add Some Sparkle

There are a lot of sparkly pieces that will give your appearance instant allure. The pieces are also pioneers of the trends that are about to come both regarding color and style. Apparently the label has chosen to show that sporty and boxy shapes can be turned into elegance. As a result there were a lot of masculine inspired looks with a feminine twist.

The Posh Grunge Touch in Top Shop Holiday Collection 3

The Velvet Suit

It looks like one of the hottest pieces of the holiday season is considered to be the velvet suit. This is a great way for women to make a statement, not to mention that it represents a great alternative for the women who love the fabric but don’t like wearing a dress. As an added bonus, the masculine style also adds a special flair to the look.

The Posh Grunge Touch in Top Shop Holiday Collection 4

Faux Fur

If you would like to make sure that you are on top of the trends, you should rock pieces with faux fur. Even if you have a relatively simple look, you can be sure that you will stand out in a crowd if you have a faux fur jacket.

The Posh Grunge Touch in Top Shop Holiday Collection 5


The accessories that the latest line comes with have a trendy vibe and they are meant to have a subtle impact. There are clutches available in many different fabrics, along with big earrings and subtle bracelets. In order to make sure that you are fashionable, don’t forget about the simple sandals. It looks like the time of platform shoes is really over.

As you can see this is a line that is worth your consideration.


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