In case you would like to make sure that you are on top of the current trends, there is one girl that you have to keep your eyes on: Alexa Chung. Most probably you have imagined that that collection that she presents for Longchamp will be a stunning success and it will make the best of her abilities as a model.

Longchamp Spring Summer 2014 and Alexa Chung

Making a Change

Alexa Chung joined the label as the replacement of Coco Rocha and she has become the label’s new face. According to official information, the model managed to cast a spell on the entire crew of the label at a party that she attended as the DJ.

Alexa Chung For Longchamp 2

Instant Ideas

Once the crew saw her, they instantly started to think about all the things that the model could make better for the new collection. It looks like she has a special aura and all the people who met her were delighted by her presence.

The new collection of the French label is filled with energy, colorful, and cheerful. This is why the reps of the label have been looking for someone who is modern and chic in the same time. Apparently Alexa Chung has all the qualities that the new line requires.

Alexa Chung For Longchamp 3

The Look

It is a known fact that the model has an enchanting gaze that is both present and strong. As a result she can add a lot of personality to the collection. Her confidence and high energy level will make women believe that they can be just like her through the pieces of the line.

Alexa Chung For Longchamp

The Ad Campaign

The shots for the new campaign have been taken in Saint Tropez. The truth is that that this new collection marks a very important moment in the label’s life: it is the 20th anniversary of the Le Pliage bag. The promotional efforts also include a short film. Some people already got the chance to take a sneak peak at the latest items, even though they will have their official debut during the New York Fashion Week.

Alexa Chung For Longchamp 4

All the pieces presented by the label can be characterized by being “effortlessly modern”. Although all of them are simple, they still manage to turn all women into modern ones with a polished allure. In case you can see only one collection for the warm season, this should definitely be it: it offers you pieces that are truly suitable for the sidewalks.


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