If you are a true fashionista, for sure you already know that the Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 has already been presented at Dallas Fair Park. In case you take a look at the collection you will see that it has been inspired by Texas and it is a tribute to the American culture. It looks like lately the label chooses a culture to inspire each line, just as the resort line has been inspired by the Asian culture.

Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 – Western Style

Characteristics of the Culture

Just like the American culture, the line has been massive and highly varied. The majority of the pieces have been inspired by cowboys, but there have been some romantic notes as well. Unlike the spring collection that focused more on the prints, now the main emphasis has been on texture that drew a lot of attention on the pieces.

Characteristics of the culture

Characteristics of the culture 1

Textural Details

Among the many different kinds of textural details there were a lot of feathers, fringes, ruffles, knitwear, and rhinestones. Naturally there has been some denim as well. The designer opted for stonewash denim simply because he likes its faded look.

Textural details

Textural details 1

Textural details 2

Military Accents

It is a known fact that the military accents are a signature of the label, so it is just natural that they made their way into this line as well. These effects have been visible of the tweed jackets. Since such a wide array of looks has been presented, it will be interesting what else can the label come up with for the next collection the face of which will be Kirsten Stewart.


Accessories 1


As we may have already gotten used to it, in case of Chanel it’s not only about the clothes, but the accessories as well. Naturally there have been a lot of leather cowboy boots along with denim hats and tribal inspired jewelry. This way women can be sure that they will make a strong impression and this impression will be difficult to forget.

Accessories 2

Accessories 3

The Designer

The designer of the line admits that the main idea of the line is a reinvention of something that everybody already knows. He doesn’t really know what it is, but he likes it and he likes to play with it. The classic suit of Chanel became boxier and the skirts have become fuller and longer and now they are worn with boots.

You should give line a shot even if the tribal design isn’t really your style.


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