In case you take a look at the latest Mango collection you will see that the majority of the items have been inspired by the forest. The past few collections had a grunge allure to them, but in this case the Spanish retailer has decided to give its collection a more romantic spin.

Mango Forest

Artsy Vibe

The best thing about this new collection is that it comes with all the important features of today’s trends. No matter what kind of style you might have, you can be sure that you will find some pieces that make you look chic without too much effort.

Mango Forest 2

Eclectic Vibes

In case you would like to add some eclectic vibes to your look, this collection will show you how. There are a lot of different styles for you to choose from, including androgynous styles, girly looks or a more casual look. The most important feature of the collection is that the pieces are elegant and polished, but they are still quite simple when it comes to shape.

Mango Forest 3

Complex Allure

At first the pieces may seem complex and difficult to combine. Nonetheless, once you take a closer look you will realize that it is easy to achieve trendy looks without them being too much. To make sure that you are on top of the trends, you should think about the printed trousers, oversized coats, and masculine shoes. In case you would like to have a sportier look, consider a denim jacket that can turn any outfit into a casual one.

Mango Forest 4


Another great thing about the collection is that it is easy to see the texture of the pieces and their patterns. In case you are thinking about replacing some of your old basics, this collection will offer you a wide array of replacement options.

Accessories and Diversity

Accessories and Diversity

The women looking for some new accessories should definitely consider this collection. The truth be told, this collection isn’t on the top when it comes to diversity. Nonetheless this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about it. You may find a small handbag that you will fall in love with or a pair of monochrome ankle boots. Such items will truly make your outfit complete.

In order to make the best of this collection you have to keep an open mind. Since there isn’t too much diversity you will have to possibility to mix and match without the risk of getting it wrong.


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