With college days back so are the college parties. Regardless you are a freshman or you are already familiar with the large opportunities to have fun available during college days, a glamorous party hairstyle is surely something you have in mind.

Is it hard to get an awesome look? Actually…it isn’t, and looking trendy is a must for college party girls. In case you plan to go for a statement hairstyle here are the top 6 to consider.

1.     Knotted pigtails

Knotted pigtails

This girly look is surely easy to achieve. Messy enough to catch the eye of the beholder but also extremely chic , this hairstyle can be created by adding volume to the crown and splitting the hair from the back in two sides. Twist each side, tie it in knots and secure with hairbands or some strong hold hairspray.

2.      Pony tail with volume

Pony tail with volume

This is not your regular ponytail but in case you want to rock a daring hair color and also a hairstyle with volume and class this is the way to go. Gather the sides under the middle section. Add volume to the top mane and fix with strong hold hairspray. The result will be a glossy look.

3.     Braided top ponytail

Braided top ponytail

Are you a fan of French braids and your hair is not exactly clean? This is the type of hairstyle for a two or three days old hair. Braid the top of the hair from one side of head to the other and secure the pony at one side of the nape of your neck. Wrap a strand of hair around the hairband and you are good to go.

4.     Flirty , messy , sexy

Flirty , messy , sexy

In case you want to emphasize a daring eye makeup choose to add a bit of messy wild touch to your locks. For this hairstyle your hair needs to be freshly washed and dried to have volume. Gather the end of the locks and twist them loosely. Pin them to one side at the base of your head. Loosen up some strands around your face to add a careless touch to the hairstyle.

5.     Waves and middle part

Waves and middle part

This particular look is very easy to achieve for a medium length hairstyle. You can easily pull it off with a day old hair by parting the hair in two halves and curling it lightly with a curling iron. Tease the curls a bit for a more wavy volume. Insist on the crown area. Pull and twist the strands from the sides of your face and pin them in place at the base of the crown. Add a glamorous looking hairpin and spray the hairstyle with medium hold hairspray.

6.     Side bun with a twist

Side bun with a twist

There is nothing more annoying than trying to get a perfect but careless look when in a hurry. So if you have to be ready in 5 minutes and an awesome rave is waiting for you, try this cute but easy to make hairstyle. Gather the hair from the top of your head and twist towards the base of the head adding more strands as you go. Try to keep the rolled hair as close to the head as possible. When reaching the nape of your neck twist the roll into a bun and pin it using hairpins to one side of your head.

Photo Credit: (http://www.seventeen.com)

Photo Credit: (http://www.refinery29.com)


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