The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is always something important in the label’s life and the latest show wasn’t any different. A little while go the spokesperson of the label announced that Taylor Swift will be one of the headliners of the latest collection.

The Victoria Secret Show 2013

Big Names

Taylor Swift isn’t the only big name on the list of headliners. This also includes Neon Jungle, A Great Big World, and Fall Out Boy. When it comes to the models, we are already used to seeing Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, but there are always some surprise performers as well.

Entertainment World

If you have seen last year’s show, you may know that it featured Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and Rihanna. In the past some other celebrities took part in the show as well, such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, and Katy Perry. You can be sure that this year’s show is also worth to be seen.

In Touch with Nature

If you take a look at the items presented at the show, you will see that there are several ones that come with a nature theme. For instance there is a lingerie set that features pink flowers and even green elements for the perfect effect. In order for the pieces to have a higher impact, the models were also wrapped in flowers.

Sky Blue

In case you are looking for something elegant, you should consider the sky blue lingerie set offered. This comes with crystal embellishments for added interest both on the top and bottom part. Don’t forget that there is no need for people to see the lingerie you are wearing; the point is for it to make you feel sexy.

Black and White

There are a lot of women who tend to stick to black or white pieces, but if you would like to have the best of worlds, you should be thinking about the white pieces embellished with black lace, for example. Such items can make all women look sexy.

Fiery Red

Although almost all colors could have been seen during this show, we have to say that it wouldn’t be a Victoria’s Secret show if there were no red items. In case you consider yourself a wild person, this is the right color for you to show off your personality.

Regardless what you are looking for, you can be sure that you will find something you like in this collection.


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