Big news has hit the world of fashion a little while ago: Nicolas Ghesquière has become the new creative director of Louis Vuitton. Before this job, the designer was the creative director of Balenciaga. We can only guess why he has chosen to start with his new job, but surely all the fashionistas of the world will be glad he did.

Nicolas Ghesquière to Replace Marc Jacobs for Vuitton

The Opinion of the Designer

Nicolas Ghesquière confesses that he has always seen Louis Vuitton as a symbol of innovation, luxury, and exploration. He said that he feels honored to have been trusted with such an important job and he is proud for having the possibility to join such an important label because his vision and values are the same as the values and mission of the label. He also added that he feels like his past creations paved the path for him to reach his goal.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has been the previous creative director of Louis Vuitton and in the 16 years that he worked with the label he managed to turn it from an accessories and luggage brand into one of the most popular luxury fashion brands of the world. The designer stepped down in October to focus on his own label which soon will have an IPO.

Friendly Competition

The new creative director claims that he has a lot of respect for Marc Jacobs. Even though he doesn’t work with the label anymore, he will always be considered the first designer of the brand. One of the most important things that he did was to bring artist collaborations to the label, which created the fundamentals of it. The new director also adds that he is more than proud to continue his work.

The Mission

According to the spokesperson of the label, the new director is meant to bring a modern spin to the new collection while focusing on refinement, quality, and faire. Ghesquière hopes that he will bring a new era in the label’s life just like he did in case of Balenciaga.

His Own Label

When he was asked about having a label on its own, the new creative director said that he doesn’t rule out having his own label at some point in the future. Although he did give this idea some thought, at the moment it isn’t a priority for him. He has enough work to do at the moment and he doesn’t have time for anything else.


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