We expect nothing but the best from H&M and for this upcoming season their collection offers the best we can desire from wearable, versatile and affordable but also trendy items.

H&M Fall Winter 2013-2014

Back to black

Black is surely the signature color of the H&M fall winter collection. We can admire fluid fabrics and extremely wearable designs made perfect by charcoal black but also sexy and very feminine notes in blue-black hues. Lovely cape coats, over the knee boots and superb knits – the most beloved trends of this season are combined in the H&M collection.

Key notes

The collection has something  from the matador world with floral cut-outs, sequin details and spectacular fringes. Sparkling touches are present on almost all items and surprising embroidery but also furry details on leather items make the collection extremely versatile.


Lovely translucent dresses, cape-coats, sweater dress knits and jackets with biker zippers come with asymmetric hemline. This relaxed look is present all over the collection making the items very wearable for any fashionable street style.


Impressive details are making the items from the collection catch the eye of the beholder. You can find cashmere fringes on velvet scarfs, metallic fringes on superb tops and sparkling fringes on a pair of spectacular pants you can wear on a night out.  Superb baroque embroideries, furry touches and metallic accents make these pieces the perfect items you can wear to add something special to any fashionable look.


Body hugging dresses with short-long hemlines are perfect for the ideal feminine evening wear. H&M collection chose fluid translucent layers of fabric embellished with embroidery details and sequins. The dresses in the collection are part of the few colorful  items so you can choose from red, peach, camel and navy blue.


Caps , scarfs and clutches give you something to choose as accessories go. Fur and fringes are present in this department too but you can also wear tassels and metallic accents, amazing suede boots and beautiful hats.

The affordable side

We are used to see beautiful fashion pieces we can’t afford on the catwalk and dream about them. However in the case of H&M you can be sure you will find items that are both fashionable and affordable. You can explore your options and choose the items that will make you look your best without breaking the bank. The beauty of this collection is that it has something for everyone especially because black items are extremely complimentary for any figure.


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