United Colors of Benetton has always been considered to kind of pioneer when it comes to fashion because it brings new style ideas and concepts in the world of fashion. The latest collection of the brand will not let you down as it comes with a wide array or outfit ideas with a youthful twist.

United Colors of Benetton

Note to Self

The goal of the brand is to help fashion-forward people come up with trendy and chic outfits effortlessly. The latest items are really worth for you to take a look at. The best thing about the label is that it seems to understand your busy lifestyle and thus it can respond to your needs to find outfits that are impressive.

United Colors of Benetton 1

What to Expect?

If you compare the new collection to the spring or summer lines, you may find that it comes with a few bold colors. Although generally speaking the color palette is a bit more subdued there are a lot of interesting contrasts that for sure will put you in the spotlight.

Is it for you?

If you like the latest trends of the runways, but you aren’t sure about how to incorporate the trends in your everyday style, this new line will offer you a few pointers. Although you may not see it at first, this line brings a bit of the grunge movement into your style while it maintains chic and feminine touches.

United Colors of Benetton 2

Preparing for the Cold Season

The signature pieces of the collection include the warm coats and jackets, cool skinny jeans, chic sweatshirts that come with eye-catching patterns, and classic skirts. As it was to be expected, there are a lot of slouchy silhouettes, but you can still find some figure hugging pieces as well.

United Colors of Benetton 3

Can you adopt it?

All in all we can say that regardless whether you’re looking for some versatile pieces or something that will add some interest to your winter look, this collection will offer you everything you need in order to feel comfortable and to have people notice you.

United Colors of Benetton 4


Naturally no United Colors of Benetton collection is complete without accessories. You should expect to see some ankle boots, fun scarves, masculine loafers, cool clutches, chic belts, and handbags in every color you could possibly think about. Although these might not turn into focal points, they will complete every look.

Make sure that you give this collection a shot to bring your winter style to life.


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