Apparently every celebrity believes that they know a little something about fashion. This is also the case of Rihanna. She has been working in collaboration with River Island, a British high-end retailer. We all know that all good things have to come to an end and the Holiday Collection 2013 will be the last one that Rihanna creates for the retailer.

Rihanna and Her Holiday 2013 Collection

Creative Process

It was to be expected that Rihanna would come up with a grand finale and we can be sure that the fans won’t be disappointed. The representatives of River Island claim that they had a great year working with Rihanna. The star invested a lot of energy in the project and she offered valuable input throughout the entire creative process. So far the fans’ reactions have been more than positive and the designers are doing their best not to disappoint them.

What does the singer have to add?

Rihanna says that the best thing about the whole process has been that she had a lot of freedom when it came to different styles, so she had the opportunity to experiment. This way she could incorporate the last season’s features into the new line, adapting the ideas to make them suitable for the cold season.

What to Expect?

Although Rihanna was thinking about the holiday season, she didn’t really add too many glamorous items for the holiday parties. The majority of the pieces are functional and sporty with a chic allure. This way the pieces become just perfect for everyday wear.

Rihanna and Her Holiday 2013 Collection 1

The Pieces

If you take a look at the items you will notice denim jackets, varsity jackets, tartan pants, jumpsuits, and fuzzy hats. As you can see the singer took all the trendy features and mixed them together. Although the tomboyish allure is in the focus of the collection, there is also a feminine touch to it.

Festive Choices

Since we are talking about the holiday season here, you will also find some more festive options like velvet gowns and metallic blazers. For a feminine touch, Rihanna also added some dresses with floral patterns.

You must be anxious about getting your hands on the pieces. They will hit the stores on 7th November, but you can place a pre-order starting with 31st October. This might be the best thing for you to do because a lot of people would like to have the pieces as soon as possible.


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