Usually when people hear about Rebecca Minkoff the last thing that they would be thinking about is a messy office. However, the designer got a fine of $77,000 by the Department of Labor for not having respected the standards for workplace safety in the Manhattan office of the label.

Messy Office Fines – Rebecca Minkoff to Pay for Unsuitable Workplace

What Happened?

Charges were brought after the representatives of the office visited the workplace of the employees. Naturally this isn’t something that the department thought of on its own. In fact, they have been prompted by the employees and their complaints regarding the violations of safety regulations.

Upon Arrival

When the representatives arrived, they found the offices to be filled with boxes, workstations, rolling racks, equipment, chairs, storage and other kinds of materials. In the same time the emergency exists didn’t have a clear path. We can only imagine what would have happened in the office in case of a fire.

The Punishment

According to the law, the label has 15 days to pay the fine and also to change the working environments. If there is an emergency, such as a fire, the workers only have about 15 seconds to escape and this is why the employers have to make sure that there is a clear way to the emergency exits. By not ensuring such safety measures, the label broke the law.

The Management

The sad truth is that the management knew about the problems and they knew that their workers have been in danger and yet they didn’t do anything. This is why the representatives of the department have decided to give the label the highest fine possible.

The Opinion of the Officials

The representatives of OHSA also add that sadly this case is not unique; the majority of the fashion offices are struggling with problems of this kind. This is why they have decided to fine the employers that they can so that maybe the other employers would reconsider their employee safety policies and take steps towards the right direction.

Think About it

Although some people might say that it is not fair and that everybody is doing it, they should ask themselves whether they would like to work in such an environment. Most probably not, so they shouldn’t expect other people to put their lives in risk just to be working for a given fashion label.

Fair or not, the law is the law and everybody has to obey it, even the fashion designers.


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