The news of Marc Jacobs leaving Louis Vuitton hit the world as a shock wave. The designer would like to focus more on his own label which is leading towards an IPO. The LVMH chairman confirmed the news. It looks like the 16-year old collaboration has come to an end.

Marc Jacobs to Leave Louis Vuitton

What does the Fashion World have to say?

The editor of Vogue claimed that it is important to know how to enter and how the exit the world of fashion. Marc Jacobs made a great contribution to the fashion scene and it is bound to be thrilling to see how he manages to bring some creativity to his own label.

The Final Show

Since it was his final show with LV, the designer wanted to wrap up all his work. All the pieces were black, just like the first collection that he created for the label. Some of the decorations were inspired by his previous shows, including a lift, a carousel, an escalator, a large clock, and a fountain.

Saying Goodbye

The designer dedicated this show to all the women who have inspired him throughout all these years and the showgirl in them, such as Coco Chanel, Jane Birkin, Katie Grande, and Kate Moss. After the show was over, Bernard Arnault started a standing ovation for the designer.


A couple of weeks ago when Marc got back to Paris Bernard said to him that the future of the label will require a lot of attention and it might be time for him to decide whether he would like to make this his last show. However, this was his decision to make.


According to the owners of the label, the IPO is supposed to happen within three years. It is a known fact that both the label Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton are owned by the same company and the owners agree that it is more important for the designer to focus on his own label.

The True Potential

According to the specialists of the fashion world the Marc Jacobs label has a lot of potential. In order for the label to be able to reach its full potential a lot of investments have to be made from the owners’ part to make the label appealing for the possible future investors.

Hopefully in a little while we will see a whole new side of the label with items that all women will want to wear.


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