The truth is that women are never really happy about the way they look and about 75% of all American women are dissatisfied with their physical appearance. About half of all women are on a diet at a given point and only 10% of women say that they are happy with the way they look. So what could you do to look better in your clothes?

Helpful Tricks for Plus Sizes

The Right Size

No matter what size you are wearing, you have to make sure that you pick the right size for the clothes, otherwise you will end up looking larger than you really are. Some women are tempted to buy clothes one size smaller than their size. For sure this will not be a pleasant sight because the clothes will make it obvious that they are too small and women might end up looking ridiculous.


You might think that your undergarments don’t really matter as long as nobody sees them. However, it is important to make sure that your bra fits right to make you look slimmer. Also remember that thongs and G-strings are suitable for slim women, but you might be looking for something that offers more support.

The Colors

For sure you know that the darker colors make women look slimmer. Black is one of the most popular colors to hide the extra pounds. You can also choose dark brown and navy to make the heavy sections look slimmer. On the other hand, white and yellow accentuate the curves and they make women look heavier.

Horizontal Stripes

Keep in mind that the horizontal stripes make women look wider. If you choose navy blue or black vertical stripes you could make yourself look slimmer. This is because these stripes accentuate your height and they draw the attention away from your width.

Highlight the Nice Parts

You have to learn to make the best of the nice body parts. For example if you have nice arms, you should wear sleeveless tops and dresses. If you happen to have wider thighs, you should choose a flare dress instead of a mini skirt that makes all your flaws visible.


Even if you aren’t into the girly world of accessories, you should know that they can do wonders for you. Usually it is a good idea to wear big necklaces, but avoid chokers. When it comes to shoes, wearing heels is always a good option, but if you are tall you can also go for flat shoes.

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