It is an established fact that market trends are determined by demand. Since there are more and more plus size people in the world, it is natural that some people recognized the need for a plus size label, and so the first one of its kind appeared under the name of Cabiria.

The First Plus Size Label – Cabiria


The label is owned by the New York based fashion designer Eden Miller. This is the first fashion label for plus-size people to present at a Fashion Week. The designer is a proponent of inclusive fashion and he had a fundraiser that managed to bring him $13,254 to start the label and to create the first collection.

Eden says that he is very excited about the whole project, but he had to confess that there is a lot of pressure. It is important to show that the line is still high fashion and that plus size items are an important part of the fashion world and that they have always been a part of it.

The Concept

According to the website of the label, the main focus of it is daring audacity. The label is meant to celebrate all women with well cut, beautifully made and modern pieces that follow the latest trends of the fashion world. The present vision of female beauty is outdated and society is shifting towards a view that accepts all women as they are without expecting them to change just to fit their beauty standards. Miller is hoping that it will become a non-issue.

The Press

Since this is news for the fashion world, the new line receives a lot of press coverage. The designer is really happy about this, because the more people find out about his project the higher the chances will be for the line to be successful , and, in the end, the more income the label will have. Last year the label made an extra profit of over $5,000 which shows that there is a real market for the pieces of this kind. In the past few years the fashion world received a lot of criticism because of the beauty standards that they promote.

There are still a lot of women who don’t think that there is need for a plus size label, but this is because they have never been faced with not finding their size in case of the regular lines.

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