In case you have been following the events in the lives of celebrities you may know all about the success that Rihanna’s first fashion line had. Because of this she has decided to team up with River Island again and to come up with a second line.

Rihanna and Her New Fashion Project

Her Work

In order to make sure that everything will go smoothly, Rihanna will be working with Adam Selman. He has been designing her costumes for the past couple of years. Since he has been the one who came up with the costumes that Rihanna wore on stage, nobody really knows her taste better than him.

The Creative Process

The truth is that the designing process is quite dynamic because of the hectic schedule of the singer. The two designers have to spend a lot of time together and they always find new ideas to include in the line. It is the goal of Rihanna to offer pieces that are trendy but still affordable.

Working with Rihanna

According to Adam, it is quite easy to work with Rihanna because she knows her way around when it comes to fabrics and she knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like. In the same time she has specific ideas about the designs that she would like to have.


Believe it or not, Rihanna really knows what she is talking about. When she goes to fittings, she says exactly what she likes and what she doesn’t like and how pieces should look like. If the modifications aren’t made, she will notice it, no matter how small they might be.

Being Practical

Adam claims that it is quite easy to work with the superstar because she is really practical, so their relationship doesn’t involve any guesswork. Usually Rihanna describes what she would like to wear or what she would like to add to the collection and Adam makes it happen.


It is important for the singer to offer her fans pieces of clothing that have been inspired by her own style, but that are easy to adopt by anyone. Naturally it is also important for women to be able to feel like themselves in the clothing, so the designer is striving for pieces that are versatile.

We just have to wait and see whether this collaboration will become a really successful one and whether it will offer fans new pieces of clothing for a long time.


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