Wearing makeup has always been a fashion statement for women and we cannot deny the fact that lipsticks play a major role. Selection of a good lipstick is very important as it enhances the beauty of the person, if it does not fit the person wearing it, it would look very odd. The current popular color choice is Red. Red is a very challenging and bold color which would give the wearer a confident look. People who are really daring with a bold sense of attitude normally select the color Red.

A red color shade lipstick needs to be selected based on the tone of the skin to give a powerful effect.

Skin tones can be of different types:

  • Very dark skin tone: A deep red shade would suit this type of skin tone
  • Olive, or orange tanned skin: A coral red or a purple red shade would suit this type of skin tone
  • Fair Skin tone: A blue or a pinkish red shade would suit this type of skin tone.

Tips for Wearing Red Lipstick

When wearing a Red shade lipstick, they are certain make up tips to be followed, to give a bright and a lasting effect.

selecting red lipstick

  • The very first and most important tip is a lipstick must be carefully selected according to the skin tone.

applying lip balm

  • Next the lips should be brushed very lightly using a toothbrush and after which a lip balm or a lip moisturizer could be used to give a moisturizing effect.

Red lip liner

  • The using a red lip liner, the lips needs to be carefully outlined to get the perfect shape of the lips.
  • After the lips are lined perfectly using the liner, using the same lip liner the lip needs to be filled which would create a good base for the lipstick color.

lip brush

  • Once that is done, with the use of a small lip brush the lipstick needs to be softly and carefully applied on the lips inside the area which was lined using the liner.
  • Next apply a light powdered facial make up which would give the lipstick a good effect for the lipstick.
  • The use of mascara or eyeliner would complete the awesome look.

These are few tips which would help give a great look for the person wearing the Red lipstick and needs to be followed correctly, this is sure to make the person attractive and make heads turn.


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