Jewellery a decade back was something that was associated with women—not anymore! Today, even men are turning heads by flashing all sorts of accessories that could make any woman skip a heartbeat. Apart from clothes, bags and shoes; there is something else that has emerged as a must-have accessory to accentuate the overall look and feel of the urban male— “You guessed it!”

But not your typical jewellery that women have been wearing since ages, rather the modern and spunkier version of it. In this post we will look at some of the ways men are sporting jewellery that not only looks funky but helps them stand out as well…

jewellery that stands out

1. Piercings

These days a lot of guys are going in for piercings; simply because they look fashionable and let’s admit it– ‘low maintenance.’ Initially people used to go for cheaper materials when it came to getting pierced, but as the fad slowly gained prominence; guys started experimenting with costlier metals like gold, silver and platinum—silver and platinum being the most preferred metals. This is the very reason why there has been a spurt in piercing parlors in various parts of the country.


2. Earrings and Bracelets

Earrings and bracelets have taken center-stage in recent years; thanks to celebrities who popularized these accessories in movies and concerts and turned them in the ‘hip thing’ as a result, a lot of college going kids and young professionals have started sporting these to work and play; moreover, the overall disposable income available to them is far more than what it was a decade back; thus, the sales for gold and platinum earrings and bracelets have skyrocket manifolds.

3. Coins on threads

This one looks a bit classy; albeit a bit old-fashioned, still there are some guys out there who love to wear a coin around their necks. Mostly it’s inexpensive, with a hole being drilled into the coin and then a black thread is passed through it and worn around the neck.

Earlier, it was only one rupee coins that were used to make this makeshift necklace—which could not exactly be termed as jewellery; however, lately it has been seen that some people buy gold coins and use it in place of the one rupee coin; thereby, effectively making it a jewellery item.

4. Nose Rings

Believe it or not, but some guys are sporting this once considered to be strictly ‘Ladies Onlyjewellery item with panache. Even though, in my personal opinion, I still wouldn’t consider them to be something that guys should be wearing; however, some young men have actually started experimenting with different kinds of nose rings so to say.

Fashion is evolving at a rapid pace and trends keep changing every year; however, certain items like the gold and silver rings, chains etc. seldom go out of fashion.

In the end, no matter whether we approve or disapprove of how an individual perceives jewellery; truth is, everyone has their own tastes and preferences, and so long people continue to do their own thing, jewellery will keep evolving and new fashions will keep emerging out if it—So what’s your style?

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