There are some women who just hate to wear skirts during the fall. This is because they also need to wear leggings which are uncomfortable and it takes time to put them on. This is why they stick to pants or jeans that they can wear with all kinds of shoes.

The Fall 2013 Skirt – New Length and Lovable Style

Make a Change

If you take a look on the runways, you might realize that your wardrobe needs a complete makeover. You could blame ProenzaSchouler and Jack McCollough for introducing a new kind of skirt for the fall. If you consider the latest collections, you will see that the black pencil skirt, boxy white coat, and d’Orsay pumps are to die for.

The Look

Some people might say that the 50’s-60’s look is way too retro for them, but the skirts have a modern spin to them as well. It is the wool fabrics that truly bring the skirts to the modern days. If you aren’t convinced that this style is right for you, you should take a look at the collection of Celine.

Phoebe Philo

Another kind of skirt that you might want to consider is the one offered by Phoebe Philo. The interesting thing about the skirt is that it is fitted at the waist and there is no closure, which makes it super easy to put on. These are long skirts, all the way below the knee, which is suitable for the women who believe that they have some problem areas.

Changing Proportions

If you are wearing pants, your silhouette is something like a pyramid: it is loose on the top and fitted at the bottom, ending in stilettos. However, when women wear skirts, things change. It is really important for the hemline to touch the legs at the right spot.

What to Look Out for?

Usually it is appealing for women to have skirts that end right below the knee, above the calf. If your skirt is longer, it is time to hem it. You might see some A-style skirts, but they don’t really work in the real world; they don’t even look good on the models.

The Top

You also have to get the top right. The slim knit turtlenecks look just perfect with the new style. The coat also has to match the skirt. Look for the coats that end around the hip or that are above the knee, especially the cocoon-like coats or boxy coats.

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