As the end of summer draws nearer, more and more people are looking for items that would be suitable for their fall wardrobe. In case of men this means that they have to be looking for suits and other formal pieces of clothing that will keep them warm.

The Best Suits for Men – Fall 2013

The Topcoat

One of the trendiest items for a man to own is a camel topcoat. This will break the monotony of winter. There are a lot of collections that come with items of this kind including Burberry and Topman. The good thing about this item is that it makes men have a more manly appearance.

Louder Plaid

For a long time the world of suits has been dominated by monochrome items or suits with shadow plaids. Now, the wind of change blew a whole new perspective to the suit world with plaids that take the scene. These suits are easy to pull off by wearing a simple short and monochrome tie.

Motorcycle Jacket

While this isn’t really suitable for the suit and tie look, you shouldn’t dismiss the motorcycle jackets altogether. The interesting thing is that you can wear a jacket of this kind even with fancy pants if you have the right accessories, such as a belt with studs.

Tweed Suit

Many people think that tweed suits are retro and that they are outdated. However, if you are bored by all the dark colored suits that look all the same, you should give it a chance. You will find that the suits are comfortable and that they are entirely itch free.

Gray Wool Trousers

There are some men who can still remember how great it was to wear gray wool trousers. If you think it’s time to bring the magic back, think about slim pants and match them with shoes that have a sturdy sole. You can find pants of this kind at Galvin for Men for a change.


If you wish to wear a suit, but you think that wearing a tie each day may be too much, you should think about wearing your suit with a turtleneck. These are really comfortable and they can look almost as formal as any shirt. They also have the advantage of being warmer during the cold fall days.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to bring some excitement to your wardrobe even if you have to be wearing a suit all the time.


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