If you have a casual style, for sure you would find at least one item in the Come Des Garcons Play Collection that you like. This collection comes with a variety of different items ranging from T-shirts to sports shoes. If you are preparing for a walk in the park, this is the collection you should be looking at.

Reviewing Come Des Garcons Play Collection


One of the most important things you should know about the collection is that all the items are of high quality and you can be sure that you will make a sound investment. Although you might think that it’s not worth paying that much for a single piece of clothing, you should think about the fact that the item will last you for years.


In case you would like to wear some comfortable shoes, you should think about the baseball boots of the collection. You will find them in black and white. There are also the mid trainers that you might like which also come in different color combinations. Naturally there are some other styles as well that you should check out.


Everybody needs a couple of hoodies for the cold days. There are different styles that you will find. Some of them come with a zipper, while others don’t have closure in the front. The available colors include dark blue, grey, black, cream, and others.


Again, for the cold days you also have the possibility to get some cardigans. These usually have buttons in the front and they offer a classic look while maintaining a sporty style. The colors that you will find include red, grey, black, camel, and dotted. The good thing about the product is that you can find it for both women and men.

Classic Shirts

For a more conventional look, you might be interested in the shirts that the new collection has to offer. These come with a really classic look, with buttons in the front and a simple design. You will find white and black shirts at Hervia.


For the warm days you could choose a T-shirt from the collection. They all come with the logo of the brand that usually makes people smile. You will find white, stripped, navy, grey, red, and dotted T-shirts. While the designs are quite simple, you can still be sure that people will notice you while wearing a T-shirt of this kind.

As you can see, there is nothing that this collection doesn’t offer you.


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