The majority of people might think that Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have enough on their hands and that they would be too busy to start a new project. Wrong! This time they started collaboration with the Norwegian company Bik Bok.

Olsen Twins and Their Chic Bik Bok Collection

What have They been up to?

The twins designed three lines for this fall which all reflect their own personal style and taste. This means that we can expect to see leather leggings, structural jackets, structured bags, and airy blouses. Naturally the majority of their clothes come in black which has become their signature shade.

Want a New Closet?

There is some sad news for the fans of the twins: the lines they designed are only available in Sweden and Norway. It is even more upsetting to know that these fabulous pieces only cost about 10 euros, which means about $14. Now is that a bargain or what?

Scandinavian “It” Girl

Scandinavian “It” Girl

The twins claim that they have been inspired by the looks of the Scandinavian It girls. In the same time they tried to keep everything simple and comfortable. However, you can be sure that you could recognize these pieces, no matter what.

Traveling the World

A little while ago the twins traveled to Oslo to promote the new line. In the same time they plan on using this opportunity to promote their new bag line which will appear under the name of their own brand, Elizabeth and James.

The Style

We are already used to the edgy and somewhat dull style of the twins, and the new line is just as we expected it to be. Since the line is dominated by dark colors, it is somewhat melancholic, so if you want to make the clothes wearable, you will most definitely need something to bring a splash of color to your outfit.

The Style

Being Sexy

Another aspect that we have to mention is that the line isn’t the sexiest that we have seen, nor the most feminine. This is why it isn’t suitable for all girls. Usually it is easier to pull off the look for those girls with feminine curves. If you happen to have a boyish body structure, you should forget about the line unless you wish to look like a wooden stick with a jacket.

In case you get the chance, you should most definitely take a look at the line. You might find something that you can’t live without anymore.

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