Believe it or not, watches haven’t been around for that long. They weren’t popular before World War II when the army issued to the soldier wristwatches. After the war was over men got so used to wearing their watch on their wrists that they gave up their pocket watches and went for the trendier designs.

Men Watches’ Trends


One of the trendiest colors for watches in 2013 is navy. It doesn’t matter whether you have a navy strap or if you go for the metallic accents, blue is the color to go for. Another “blue” trend that you might be interested in is buying watches with a denim strap. Pieces of this kind have been presented by Hublot and Gucci.


This year even the classic designs got a sportier “interface”. If you are interested in one specific watch, you should take a look at the latest Rolex GMT with a patented blue and black “cerachrom” bezel, 18k white gold hands, and lacquer face.

Steel and Rose Gold Straps

One of the biggest hits of the moment is having bi-metal straps. A lot of watchmakers adopted the style and offered watches with steel and rose gold straps. One of the most important designers, Patek Philippe, used this combination for the first time for the Nautilus 5980 model, creating a timeless and elegant looking watch.

Grey on Grey

It is really popular these days for men to wear grey watches. You can go for a relatively simple design, such as the slate-like matt style presented by Rado and its Diamaster Ceramic. Naturally you can also choose to have several grey shades, like the ones used by Girard-Perregaux on Constant Escapement. It looks like the favorite of the shows has been Dior’s Chiffre Rouge A02 with a Nato strap.

Orange Accents

Orange is one of the trendiest colors of the moment. If you can’t imagine yourself wearing an orange coat, maybe some orange accents in your watch will seem more reasonable. If you think that orange straps are still too much, look for orange in the details like colored pointers or orange numbers.

Where to Find Watches?

If you are looking for really trendy watches, you should take a look at online stores, such as Branded Watch Shop. Here you will find a lot of trendy items, and if you are lucky enough, some of them might be on sale.

Make sure that you adopt one of the trends that seem suitable for you.


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