There has been misconception going around about the unpopularity with thongs. Although, the older designs of the thong, referred to as the G-string, may not be as desired, there are in fact numerous designers that have created lines of thongs that promote sex appeal and comfort.

Hanky Panky has been creating women’s undergarments for nearly two decades and their release of a certain thong design that has a feminine lace appearance with a comfort level that is out of this world has gained them both copycats and loyal customers that are sure to be around for the long run.

hanky panky

Although the very popular style of women’s underwear, the boy short or cheeky bottom, has soared, the Hanky Panky style of thong is still an extremely popular purchase for millions of women today. The thong was originally created to avoid the dreaded and undesirable panty line seen in tighter more closely fit garments.

These nifty designs were especially popular with women who have worked extra hard in their spin class on their derriere, the thong gave them full opportunity to proudly flaunt their new favorite asset.

It’s safe to say with the success of the Victoria’s Secret mega company, underwear and women’s lingerie in general has taken the world by storm and the market has never seen better success.

Whichever style of underwear one prefers, it is fun to play up with style and color both in day to day wardrobes as well as those little things that are seen behind closed doors. If you are a die-hard thong enthusiast or you have gone down the cheeky road, finding which underwear work for your body and lifestyle is what is important.

Wear what makes you feel sexy, confident, and comfortable and secure in your own skin; think of the perfect pair of underwear as a second skin and be proud of what it covers up or flaunts. Hanky Panky, cheeky, G-string, whichever you crave or your significant other craves, wear it right and wear it proudly; cheers to the world of underwear and the ladies who have to wear things most men could never fathom trying to wear and manage.

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