A flawless eye make-up can say a lot about a woman’s style so there is no wonder a lot of ladies look for eyeshadow tips for beginners. It is so easy to apply too much or too little eyeshadow and it is a fact that there are a lot of ways you can ruin the eye make-up, so let’s see which is the right way to make your eyes shine.

Eyeshadow Tips for Beginners


Before hurrying up to apply color to your eyelids consider concealing the flaws to give the skin around the eye a smooth finish. Applying concealer on the lower lid can help with dark circles while applying it on the upper lid can help the eyeshadow color last longer.


The Base

For the eyeshadow color to be as enduring as possible, as part of eyeshadow makeup tips, you should start your makeup with a good base. This base can be a primer, a few drops of foundation or a little bit of concealer.

Choosing the Eyeshadow

Part of the best eyeshadow tips for beginners you should be careful with choosing the right color. In case you want to use only one color, make sure you are careful enough to obtain a smooth texture so the color will blend in with the rest of your makeup. Also in case you choose two colors, keep in mind where you will wear this makeup. For the office wear the two colors should complement each other so you will have a classy appearance. For a night out clubbing you can add extra shimmer but always match the eyeshadow color with your outfit.

Eyeliner and Mascara

Emphasizing your eyes is part of the tips teaching you how to apply eyeshadow. To complete the look you will have to use eyeliner and a touch of mascara.

Eyeliner and Mascara

Apply some liquid eyeliner on the upper lid and wait until it dries. Complete the look by applying waterproof mascara. Keep in mind that it is very important to let both the eyeliner and mascara dry to avoid smudging.

Finishing Details

Like everything else the eyeshadow tips for beginners also come with some finishing details. For the eyeshadow to look perfect you should avoid applying too much because it will look chalky and the result will be far from what you would want to achieve.

Finishing Details

Use an eyebrow pencil to add a touch of color to your eyebrows and your eyeshadow will look even more beautiful.

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