We all know that denim is a major hit this season. All the designers came up with denim designs. Some of the models were dressed in denim from head to toe while other designs came with denim accents. The majority of the designs came in lighter colors and stone wash. For example, Calvin Klein took classic jeans and denim jacket and they updated them with a stone wash, which has been a favorite back in the 90s.

Diesel Underwear – Reviewing the Trend

Denim is Everywhere

It’s not just clothes that we are talking about. The British shoemaker, Grenson, took the material and brought it into the world of shoes, adding denim accents to the latest models. This way the classic brogues got a denim panel, turning them into a modern and youthful piece.


This company is known to be the king of high end denim and it went below the belt with the new trend. In the latest collection the company presented men’s underwear made of cotton finished and dyed to make the items look like real denim.

What to be Looking for?

There are a lot of different shades to choose from when it comes to denim underwear ranging from black to classic blue jeans. In order to spice things up a bit, there are some colorful variations as well. If you take a look at the items you will see that it can’t get any more retro than this. You can find pieces of this kind at UnderU.


It looks like Diesel has some competition when it comes to denim underwear. The company Sly also came up with a collection of denim underwear that looks just like cut-off jeans with pockets and everything. The design of the underwear has been screen printed on the fabric so that it has an authentic look. The only thing that gives the underwear away is the exit underway fly next to the faux fly. The interesting thing is that the company has the underwear available in white as well.

Modus Vivendi

Apparently some other companies assessed the potential of the denim underwear as well. Modus Vivendi also introduced some denim underwear pieces, but they took the sexy road. Their pieces are made of elastic viscose which is very soft and they made the items look like real denim. Besides the classic colors you can also find black pieces.

If you get to choose, you should try the Diesel pieces first.


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