It is just natural that each year comes with new trends and if you are a true fashionista, it is a must for you to know all about them. It looks like this year cocktail dresses are one of the hottest trends. Even so, it’s not all the same what kind of cocktail dress you are wearing.

Cocktail Dresses Trends for 2013

Gold Metallic

Just think about the playful cocktail dresses that come with gold metallic accents on the skirt. It looks like this design is one of the trendiest of the moment. In order to balance out the bold gold accents, you should be looking for the dresses that have a black or neutral top part.


If you don’t really want to glow, you may be looking for another style. You may consider the red dresses, which are a big hit this year. Look for the dresses that look like the ones you can see on the red carpet: scarlet colored dresses made of silky materials.

Make it White

If you like Taylor Swift, there is one thing that you can learn from her: having a white dress is always a classy choice, no matter what kind of event you have to attend. To make sure that the dress won’t look too bridal, you might want to add some black or metallic accents.

Sweetheart Neckline

This kind of neckline is a true classic. It offers a romantic look to just any cocktail dress and the best thing about it is that it is suitable for the majority of the figures, so you won’t have to worry about your possible problem areas.

Add Some Color

It is common for the cocktail dresses to come in pastel colors. However, if you would like to make a statement, you should think about wearing a dress in a vivid color, such as green, yellow or hot fuchsia. Also don’t forget that turquoise is also a big hit this season.


If you are looking for a cocktail dress it means that you are preparing for a special event which might be must perfect for showing off a sequined dress. If your dress has sequins all over, you should opt for one single color or neutral hues. You can find such dresses at Designer Desirables.


One of the biggest trends of the red carpet has been the dressed-up peplum dress. Cocktail dresses also come with this style that is suitable for the majority of the figures.


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