It doesn’t matter if you’re going to high school or college, you shouldn’t be wearing the same shoes you left with last spring. This is why you may be interested in the latest trends regarding the shoes for guys.

Back to School Shoes for Guys and How to Wear Them


It is just normal for young guys to “live” in their sneakers. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be looking for the stylish items. For example you could take a look at the items offered by Converse. These come with a classic style that will make sure that your shoes will get noticed.

Macbeth “Eliot Vegan”

These shoes aren’t only for vegan people. They represent a great alternative for all the people who would like stylish, cool, and absolutely uncomplicated shoes. The best thing about these shoes is that there are a lot of awesome color combinations to choose from.

Casual Shoes

Although, as it has been mentioned before, the majority of guys prefer sneakers, if you start thinking outside this shoe box, you may realize that casual shoes can be cool too if you look in the right place. There are some brands that you might want to check out.

Brands for Casual Shoes

If you are interested in casual shoes, you should make sure that you take a look at Sanuk “Vagabond”, Merrell “Jungle Moc”, Clarks “Jink” shoes, Bed Stu “Uncle Larry”, Anti-Sneakers, John Varvatos “Hipster Chukka”, Doc Martens, and Teva “Mash Atoll Chukka”. Other shoes of this kind you can find at Intro Clothing.

Designer Shoes

For the fashion forward guys there are some shoes that they could wear to special occasions. Although some of the shoes aren’t really suitable for the average student budget, at least you will have some idea about what you should be looking for.

Brands for Designer Shoes

The brands that you should keep an eye out for include Bed Stu Footwear, John Varvatos Shoes, Hugo Boss, Steve Madden Shoes, and some other designers that you may have heard about. One of the biggest challenges is to find fashion forward shoes that are comfortable.

Shopping for Shoes

The majority of the guys take a trip to the mall hoping that they will find the right pair of shoes by chance. The truth is that it is a lot better idea to know precisely what you are looking for and go to shops that carry the items that you are interested in.


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