While some people believe that they need formal dressing for the office, the truth is that in the majority of the offices people have a casual style. Casual clothes are more comfortable and they offer freedom of movement so that people will feel at ease while working.


Pants, slacks, and suit pants

The slacks that look something like Dockers or wool pants, dressy capris, dress synthetic pants, and flannel pants are all alright for the office. Inappropriate slacks involve jeans, exercise pants, sweatpants, short shorts, bib overalls, Bermuda shorts, shorts, spandex pants, or leggings.

Dresses, skirts, and skirted suits

It is alright to wear to the office casual skirts and dresses or skirts that are split at the knee or below. The length of the skirt or dress ought to make it possible for you to sit comfortably in public. Tight and short skirts that are mid-thigh long are inappropriate for the office. Skirts, mini skirts, beach dresses, spaghetti strap dresses, and sun dresses are all inappropriate for the office.

Shirts, blouses, tops, and jackets

You have the possibility to wear shirts, sweaters, dress shirts, tops, turtlenecks, and golf-type shirts to the office. The majority of the sport jackets and suit jackets are alright for work too. It is best to avoid wearing to work tank tops, halter tops, shirts with offensive messages, midriff tops, sweatshirts, tops with bare shoulders, and T-shirts except when you wear them under a shirt, jacket, blouse, or dress.

Footwear and shoes

It is acceptable to wear walking shoes or athletic shoes, boots, clogs, sneakers, loafers, dress heels, deck-type shoes, and flats to the office. If it is warm outside, it is alright not to wear stockings. It is not acceptable to wear flashy athletic shoes, flip flops, thongs, slippers or open toe shoes.

How to know what’s right?

In order to dress appropriately at the office you could follow these guidelines. There are some stores that carry casual items that are suitable for the office, such as Sister Online. You should take a look at the items these stores offer and let yourself be inspired by them.

Makeup, jewelry, cologne, and perfume

Don’t forget that everything has to be in good taste and you should limit the jewelry you wear. Don’t forget that some of your colleagues could be allergic to some chemicals or perfumes, so you shouldn’t use too much of these products.


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