All women would like to have the perfect eye makeup. For this they might need easy to do eye makeup ideas. Usually the main point is to achieve a sexy and lasting look and for this there are some steps that you shouldn’t skip.

Easy to do Eye Makeup Ideas

Prepping the eyes

A lot of women are struggling with dark circles under the eyes. In order to hide the dark circles, apply three dots of concealer under the eyes and pat until the color becomes even and natural. Use your ring finger because that is the softest.

Eye base

To make sure that your makeup will be long lasting, according to the easy ideas for eye makeup, you have to apply eye base. This will prime the eye makeup and you won’t have to worry about having a greasy line at the end of the day.


When it comes to the easy to do eye makeup ideas, you should know that you can use dark eyeshadow as eyeliner. Wet a brush and then add eyeshadow to it. Line the eyes close to the lashes. Make sure that you smudge the bottom line. This technique is great for a smokey eye as well.


In case you are interested in the tips for easy eye makeup, you should make sure that you start at the lids and work yourself to the brow. It is best to be using a three toned eyeshadow. Apply the brightest color on the entire eyelid; add the second color starting with the middle of the lid and the darkest color goes to the crease.


The women looking for easy to do eye makeup ideas should know that it is important to lighten the eyes. This can be done by adding a bit of the lightest eyeshadow color to the inner corner of the eye. This brightens the color significantly and it makes the eyes pop.

Finishing touches

In order to complete the look, use the easy tips for eye makeup that tell you to define your brows. Add some light eyeshadow to the brow bone and below the brows. Then curl the lashes for a super sexy look and don’t forget to apply mascara to the lashes as the finishing touch.

These easy to do eye makeup ideas will make sure that you look your best in every moment of the day.


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