The fashion world doesn’t rest for a minute and since summer is here we can only look forward to see the Fall Fashion shows by most famous fashion houses ateliers.

This being said it comes as no surprise that the Atelier Versace Fall 2013 caught the eye of both the press and celebrities like Franca Sozanni, Mena Suvari, Zachary Quinto, Uma Thurman and ever so lovely Emma Roberts. Also, one of the surprises was to see Naomi Campbell opening the show in a daring short coat with eye catching upper thigh opening.

Atelier Versace Fall 2013 Fashion Show

The comeback of Donatella

After one year and a half of absence from the couture world , Donatella Versace chose to make a comeback with a collection inspired from the black and white glamour of the Hollywood 30’s. The edgy look of black and white photography and movies was reinvented with a surprising air of sexiness present in all the designs.

Skin and more skin

A spectacular burgundy crocodile skin coat was one of the amazing items on the catwalk. However that was not the only skin present on the show. Daring cut-outs , sheer details, spectacular bejeweled lace and tulle insertions made all the clothes stand out because of a reinvented sexy touch. Lace bras, bustiers with intricate embroidery and sequin details were showing off from under tulle panels or spectacularly cut dresses and coats.

Interesting fabric

The collection kept the edgy look of Versace Fall 2013 collection but items like spikes were no longer present. Instead exotic skin, hand woven  leather and mink, lace and shredded tulle were all part of the collection. Fluid fabrics made the evening wear look even more alluring and real diamonds designed by the Versace were all over the show.

Special items

The collection stood out even more because of items like a catsuit with a plunging neckline and sheer front, floor long dresses and skirts shining with sequins, cropped strapless tops and dresses hugging the body line. Sequin insertions and texturized details were present on all the clothes.


Black, purple, burgundy and deep blue were the colors of the Atelier Versace fall 2013. However because of the texturized details the clothes came with interesting contrasts that made the colors contribute even more to the edgy look of the entire show.

Versace is still Versace

We are familiar with the sexy notes and punk vibes of the latest collections from Versace. This is why it came as no surprise that this collection kept the same notes that made the brand famous.

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