Traditionally diamond is the choice of stone for engagement ring. But many couples are also opting for a pop of color in their special ring to showcase their colorful persona. There are a variety of precious baubles to choose from for your special day. We have listed out a few options for your colored stone engagement rings.

colored stone engagement rings

Color Cues

The most popular stones for colored engagement rings are: sapphire, emerald, rubies, peridot and colored diamonds. The first point to remember while choosing a colored stone for your engagement ring is to pick the color you love, not the gem.

For instance, if blue is your shade of choice, then the gems in this color range from blue diamond to sapphire and aquamarine. The trick is to pick the gem that suits your budget and style. If your lifestyle involves an active routine then opt for durable gems such as diamonds, rubies and chrysoberyl.

Stones Can Speak

If you thought colors are for aesthetics alone, watch out! Many people will interpret your personality based on the stone in your ring. So, this could be one of the factors that influence your choice of colored stones.

  • Blue is a color that represents politeness, vigilance and jealousy in love when worn by a woman; for a man it stands for nobility and wisdom.
  • Red is a color that represents pride, obstinacy and haughtiness in a woman and symbolizes lordship, command, nobility, and vengeance in a man.
  • Purple stones stand for spiritual love and high thoughts in a woman while for the male wearer is shows industry, gravity and sober judgment.
  • Green represents ambition, change and delight when worn by a woman whereas when worn by a man it shows his joyousness, unfriendliness and transitory hope.
  • Yellow stone shows a woman’s generosity while depicting secrecy when adorned by a man.
  • Black, contrary to normal belief shows undying love in the woman and strength, sensibility and constancy in the man who wears it.


While all these attributes are fine in their place, the wearer has been aware that despite their impressive powers, these colored stones vary in their durability. Emeralds, CZs and peridots are delicate and tend to chip easily. Peridots are softer stones and hence prone to scratches and abrasions.


While precious gems can be very expensive, the semi-precious ones are affordable for those treading on a tight budget. Though all colors are available in diamond, the cost factor makes it difficult to access for everyone. The other alternatives being less expensive also give you the freedom to choose better quality and bigger sizes as compared to the diamonds.

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