It is a well-known fact that the celebrities can influence the world of fashion, especially in the period of the awards. By this time we already know about the celebrity fashion jewelry trends 2013 and the majority of the fashionistas are already rocking them.

Celebrity Fashion Jewelry Trends 2013

Stacking bracelets

There are a lot of celebrities, such as Taylor Swift who are a fan of this trend. It is interesting to know that the trend made it all the way to the Oscars where a fashion designer gave gift bags containing stacking bracelets. The trendiest pieces include the larger, geometric bracelets.


It is good to know regarding the 2013 fashion jewelry trends of celebrities that the most popular materials include wood, leather, and let’s not forget about the large bangles. Regarding color, earth tones seem to be the most popular, while some celebrities prefer the light colors.

Blackened metal

Vampire movies and the younger celebrities brought in a new one of the celebrity fashion jewelry trends 2013: blackened metal. In order to make the metal look vintage it has been oxidized or treated with acid. Blackened metal is popular in case of earrings and bracelets.


This one of the celebrities’ fashion jewelry trends of 2013 has been seen in many cases, but some people say that it means sticking to a safe choice. Nonetheless, it has become one of the trendiest materials of the moment. For instance Carrie Underwood has been seen in an attire with only silver accessories.

What to wear?

If you wish to follow the lead of Carrie Underwood regarding the celebrity fashion jewelry trends 2013, think about a tiered silver necklace and silver cuff bracelet. This year we could have seen simple silver jewelry, unlike the other years when the jewelry had a more exotic look.


Wearing emerald colored accessories is one of the fashion jewelry trends of 2013 of celebrities. In some cases the celebrities rock actual emeralds in earrings or rings. Because of its color, emerald is especially popular among the redheaded celebrities, like Amy Adams.

Now that you know about the celebrity fashion jewelry trends 2013, you will know what trends to keep an eye out for during the spring season. Make sure that you make the best of the trends and that you choose the one that are the most suitable for your style.


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