While some women may think otherwise, sometimes it is easier to work with dark skin than with fair skin. In case you are interested in glamorous makeup for dark skin keep in mind that you can use any color you want if you use it in the right way.

Glamorous Makeup for Dark Skin

The basics

Don’t forget that black skin is a good absorber but it is also a good reflector. If you have dark skin it may shine as if it was oily, even if it isn’t. This is why you shouldn’t use creamy foundations and go for water based or liquid foundations. Make sure you choose a foundation that is a bit lighter than your skin tone.

Blend it in

One of the secrets of dark skinned women’s glamorous makeup is to blend the foundation. You can do so by adding a drop of water to it. Although it may sound funny, you could try applying some baby powder that will give the skin luster. However, make sure that you don’t use too much powder.


Although all colors work for you, when it comes to the glamorous makeup for dark skin, you might want to choose from colors like orange, coral, rose, or deep orange for your blush. If you have really dark skin, rose pink is the color for you. In case you are preparing for a night out opt for plum, wine, or bronze.

Eye shades

When it comes to the glamorous makeup for skin that is dark, it is good to choose a soft brown with shades of brick brown. Usually it’s not advantageous to use bright colors or white. You can use dark grey, blue, purple, or wine eyeliners. Make sure that you soften the lines with the help of a soggy brush.


The women looking for glamorous makeup for dark skin may want to use a kaajal eyeliner. This will make the eyes look cool and more appealing. It usually works very well for Indian and Asian women. In order to thicken the eyelashes, you could use mascara.


No makeup is complete without lipstick. To achieve a makeup that is glamorous for dark skin you should be thinking about bronze, copper, wine, burgundy or dark red lipsticks. The main point is to achieve balance with your makeup while enhancing your natural beauty.

Keep these tips in mind for glamorous makeup for dark skin and your look will be flawless.

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