Flowery textures and fingernails apart, spring is a time to plump up your lips with some peppy colors. Here is an array of irresistible hot hues from the land of lip makeup.

1. By Terry

By Terry

By Terry is a brand that believes in coloring the lips with new shades and also aims at nourishing them with the goodness of hydrators. In their latest edition they have come out with new hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that helps create an even lip contour. Their all new orange-pink gel also acts as a lip salve that packs in more than just a pigment in it.

2. Susan Posnick

Susan Posnick

The brand’s coloressential range of lipsticks is a non-sticky sheer material that comes with the richness of olive oil. Susan Posnick is probably the only beauty brand to introduce an anti-aging formula in its lip color range through an ingredient called paracress obtained from an exotic South African plant source.

3. Chanel


Chanel is a brand that everyone wants to own. Their new formulation in lip colors is the shiniest ever that has 30% more pigment than before. It will be available in stores from June onwards.



The new version of NARS’ Tolede lipstick is a pink rose color with a satin finish. The shade complements the colors of spring and goes well with sea-toned eye and face makeup which are most popular shades for the season. Just released, this is a shade to try out.

5. Givenchy


Known as a luxury brand for the celebrities, Givenchy has introduced the latest shade of coral in its lipstick range. The fiery orange shade comes in a white leather case befitting a celebrity. You can get yours in May.

6. Dior


Another brand well known for its celebrity status, Dior has launched a shade of fruity pink in its lip stick range. Its unique non waxy formula keeps it on the lips for longer than usually and prevents it from getting smudged. The formulation is equipped with hydrators to keep your lips feeling fresh through the day.

7. Tom Ford

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a vintage in the league of luxury brands and has recently launched a red color lip stick. What sets it apart from the rest is that the pigment used is semi transparent and a great combination of beauty and therapy. It contains botanical oils that act as a balm on the lips.

8. Clarins


Clarins has come out with its own version of pink through its berry lipstick .The lipstick is set inside a transparent balm that works together with the lipstick to create an effect that feels as great on the lips as it does on the tube. Available on store shelves from May.

Photo Credit: (http://www.harpersbazaar.com)


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