Many major events take place during summer, with people keen to make the most of the warmer weather. If you are attending an event this summer, such as the wedding of a close friend or family member, you will obviously want to ensure you look your best while being appropriately attired for the event.

While you may be planning to buy a range of casual clothes for the summer, you may need to think about smarter clothes, too. Obviously, if the weather is warm you won’t want to wear restrictive clothing, which smart wear can tend towards. So what are the alternatives?

Great at Major Events this Summer4 ways to smarten up your casual summer outfits for special events

One way to look great at major events this summer without feeling restricted is to find ways to smarten up more comfortable casual outfits. This will also save you cash, as you can wear your usual summer clothes but add a twist to dress them up.

4 great items to have in your wardrobe for smart events this summer include the following:

A colourful maxi dress: The great thing about maxi dresses is that they are extremely versatile. Worn with a pair of flip-flops or sandals, they are ideal for casual summer or holiday wear. However, dressed up with some strappy heels and the right jewellery can make them ideal for more formal occasions where you want to look smart, chic and comfortable.

A quality blazer: A good blazer can transform any outfit into something smart and chic. You can get women’s blazers in a range of colours these days, so you can find one that is perfectly suited to your needs and your tastes. You can wear your blazer with all sorts of other garments, from trousers and pencil skirts and even a pair of jeans for a smart casual look.

A chic summer dress: While you may think that the catwalk dresses for the 2013 summer season are a little over-the-top for your personal tastes, it is always worth investing in one super-chic dress that is cool enough for the warmer weather yet smart enough for a really special occasion. It doesn’t have to be particularly elaborate, as it can be dressed up with jewellery, accessories and glamorous shoes.

Strappy heels: In summer, most of us want to free our feet and kick those restrictive shoes and boots to the back of the wardrobe. However, turning up at a major event in a pair of flip flops or really casual sandals might not be appropriate. Having a good pair of stylish, strappy, heeled sandals is a great way to keep your feel cool while looking great.

With just a handful of appropriate fashion items in your wardrobe, you can make ensure you’re prepared for any occasion this summer.


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