Basket ball gear includes all clothing and accessories used by basket ball players for their games and practice sessions. Basketball being one of the most popular sports in the USA has major influence on the fashion choice of youngsters in this part of the world. Top brands are invested heavily into making and promoting new basketball gear to keep the youngsters up to date with their stars. One among them is Basket ball brand K1X.  The latest and most fashionable among the basketball gear are Basket ball shorts and Zipper Hoodies.

Basketball Short K1X

Basketball shorts by K1X

Basketball shorts by K1X are the trendiest in town. The brand comes out with the best shorts patterns. Coming from humble beginnings, the brand has earned its name through sheer popularity for its quality and trendy designs.

Hip hop culture has been an inspiration for designing these shorts. Vibrant hues such as green and orange are being replaced this year with pastel shades. The aquamarine color block shorts from K1X are creating quite a rage this season.

They look good on every skin tone and come with the brand name displayed in a stylish font on the belt and edges. The light dodger blue shorts are a class apart with neat borders and gradient stripes making it a great trend to follow. Together, the 2 pairs of shorts will make a great addition to your hip hop collection. And when you buy them from, you save as much as 30% on markups.

Zipper Hoodies for Women

Zipper hoodies are a quintessential part of urban wear these days. Inspired by the hip hop culture, these hoodies are not only trendy but also offer sufficient protection from the natural elements. The zipper helps keep the shirt wrapped around you when it is cold and acts as an open jacket when it gets warmer.

Zip Hoodie

Defshop has a wide array of zipper hoodies for women on display. The Adidas girly fleece zip hoody is one to look out for and this hoody displayed here is the latest from the brand. The silver gray zipper comes with fashionable pinched pockets and striped sleeves. The logo on the hood is what makes it uber cool.

The ribbed cuffs and waistband make it a very comfortable outerwear for this season. Pair them with jeans or your tracks for maximum effect. Buy these zipper hoodies from for great deals on markups.


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