Looking in your wardrobe or bedroom drawers time and time again to find the same clothes staring back at you is a fairly depressing occurrence many of us are all too familiar with. Fashion trends move on, our own personal tastes change and our paranoia kicks in that friends and peers judge us for wearing the same item of clothing more than once. Even if financial constraints restrict us from refreshing our increasingly common collections, there are several ways we can breathe new life into ageing attire.

Customising clothes is a lot easier than you think and doesn’t even involve a huge financial outlay. Old garments can be transformed with even the most minor of adjustments and you’ll be amazed at how good those ordinary clothes could look. Here are some ideas:

old-clothes Size and style adjustments. We all have a favourite pair of jeans that we have worn through thick and thin. Unfortunately, more often than not the bottoms tend to fray and the knees develop huge holes.

However, simply cut them into a pair of shorts and you’ve revitalised an old favourite. Another possibility is taking an old baggy t-shirt, ripping off the sleeves and in turn getting rid of worn-out underarms, clean up the edges, add a belt and you have a fresh and cool new look.

Colour is everything. If you have an item of clothing that has begun to fade or the colour simply isn’t in style anymore, use fabric dye to create something different. If you’re feeling really radical and retro, why not try tie-dye?

Add or change the finer details. An entire garment can be transformed by making only subtle changes to even the smallest of aspects. Ideas include sewing new buttons on cheap jackets, adding colourful patches to dull pairs of jeans, gluing sequins or studs to the collars of shirts, stencilling or embroidering fabrics or adding crocheted inserts. The possibilities are endless here, so just use your imagination.

Accessorise your accessories. What about those miscellaneous items you never think about customising? Make yourself some trendy fingerless gloves by cutting off the tips, convert scarves into bold belts, or add flowers to a boring headband. Once again, let your creativity run wild.

Hopefully, these thoughts and ideas will provide enough inspiration for you to create brand new items of clothing or simply revitalise any old garments that don’t get worn anymore. However, for those threads beyond redemption that will inevitably gather dust alongside your dazzling new items, recycling clothing can ensure you don’t get miserable every time you open your wardrobe doors. By saying goodbye to those old items that are no longer needed and reviving clothes that deserve a second chance, choosing your outfit at the start of the day no longer needs to be a monotonous and customary routine.


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